Mitsubishi 2-4 Zone 36K BTU 16-19.2 SEER AC Heat Pump Mini Split System Builder

Mitsubishi 2-4 Zone 36K BTU 16-19.2 SEER AC Heat Pump Mini Split System Builder

Mitsubishi 2-4 Zone 36K BTU 16-19.2 SEER AC Heat Pump Mini Split System Builder
Mitsubishi 2-4 Zone 36K BTU 16-19.2 SEER AC Heat Pump Mini Split System Builder. Backed by the most knowledgeable staff in the business. We know HVAC so you don't have to. Mitsubishi is perhaps the best known mini split brand on the market, and for a good reason. No one beats the quality! After all, how could they?

Feel confident in your choice from HVAC Direct Online: No need to guess at what you might need, our HVAC experts have bundled together everything you need for the perfect home heating and cooling system. This system is so energy-efficient you'll enjoy the savings as much as the reliable and comfortable heating and cooling!

One easy order with optional install kit that includes everything needed for install. Mitsubishi Mini Split MXZ-C Heat Pump Condenser.

Mitsubishi Mini Split Indoor Units - Various BTUs & Styles. Optional Install Kit includes the following: 30ft Line Set, 30ft Control Wire, and Drain Tube for each Indoor Unit.

One Condenser Kit with Electrical Wire Whip, Disconnect, Surge Protector, Charging Adapter, and Wall Sleeve. 36,000 BTU DUCTLESS MITSUBISHI MINI-SPLIT MULTI ZONE MXZ-C SERIES - HEAT PUMP CONDENSER. The Mitsubishi MXZ-4C36NA2 is a heat pump condenser designed to be used in multi zone system setups. As one air handler is needed per room that you are trying to heat and cool, multiple single zone condensers can take up a lot of space in your yard, making a multi zone unit more practical in many applications.

36,000 BTU multi zone heat pump condenser. Supports enhanced comfort down to 5°F. The Mitsubishi MXZ-4C36NA2 is rated at 36,000 BTU, which generally should be the same or greater than the total BTU count across all air handlers that this unit is paired with. With its variable speed compressor, the MXZ-4C36NA2 can provide more precise adjustments to the covered spaces with the right air handlers. This also slightly improves electrical efficiency by ramping the compressor up and down based on the unit's air handlers? Needs, as well as providing a more stable temperature output from the connected air handlers to provide superior comfort. For ease of control, many air handlers that are compatible with the MXZ-4C36NA2 can use any Mitsubishi-brand thermostat or adapter. The most convenient to control?

The Kumo cloud WiFi adapter? Allows each air handler to be accessed from anywhere that you have Internet. Please note that in most applications, you will need one thermostat or adapter per indoor air handler that you want to be able to control with it. 36,000 BTU Ductless Mitsubishi Mini-Split Multi Zone MXZ-C Series - Heat Pump Condenser. Maximum Line Set Length: 82.

Maximum System Line Length: 230. 19.2 (Non Ducted) / 16 (Ducted). 208/230V 1 Phase 60 Hz. Min/Max Outdoor Temp for Heating. Min/Max Outdoor Temp for Cooling. 10 Years with Online Registration. Standard Wall Mount Overview GL Series. The Mitsubishi MSZ-GL air handler is designed to be able to function with a multi zone system setup.

This unit is manufactured as part of Mitsubishi's standard air handler series, making it an inexpensive choice for efficient home comfort. The unit also has the ability to ramp up and down based on the thermostat's needs along with an automated vertical air swing adjustment system to direct the airflow where it needs to go, keeping you comfortable year-round with the right condenser. Available in 6K, 9K, 12K, 15K, or 18K BTU Options.

Quiet Operation - As Low as 19 dB(A). Produces Heating, Cooling & Dehumidification. Deluxe Wall Mount Overview FS Series. The Mitsubishi MSZ-FS air handler is designed to be able to function with a multi zone system setup.

With integrated I-SEE sensor technology, this air handler can constantly read the temperature from multiple directions in the room, allowing it to aim airflow in the direction that it is needed most. This allows your room to maintain a more constant temperature and decreases the unit's run time. Keeping health in mind, Mitsubishi also factory-installed an enhanced filtration system. 3D i-See Sensor - With Dual Vanes to Direct Air Flow.

Nano Platinum, Deodorizer & Anti-Allergy Filtration. 1-Way EZ FIT Ceiling Cassette Overview KP Series. With its enhanced operation features, the Mitsubishi MLZ-KP ceiling cassette air handler provides superior heating and cooling to your room when paired with a compatible condenser, living up to Mitsubishi's industry-leading comfort standards. This air handler has a small form factor, allowing it to fit between standard 16? Joists, and with a depth of only 7-1/2?

Accommodating your needs for almost any room. As a ceiling cassette, the unit can be installed in locations where wall or floor mounted units are not practical or desired. Available in 9K, 12K, or 18K BTU Options. Fits Between 16 Joists Spacings.

Built-In Condensate Mechanism - 19.6 Lift. 4-Way 2'x2' Ceiling Cassette Overview KF Series. Manufactured as a ceiling-recessed air handler, the Mitsubishi SLZ-KF is a space-saving air handler, specifically designed for small rooms or installations where wall-mounted units are impractical.

With its integrated 4-direction airflow and fresh air intake knockouts, the SLZ-KF can be used for both residential and light-commercial applications. Moreover, the air handler also has a built-in condensate lift mechanism to simplify the installation process, ensuring enhanced comfort built to last at a lower installation cost.

Available in 9K, 12K, or 15K BTU Options. Four Customizable Vanes - Dozens of Airflow Options.

Built-In Condensate Mechanism - 33 Lift. Includes Required Grille & Wired Thermostat. Standard Floor Mount Overview KJ Series. With its ability to be installed as low as 5?

Off the floor, the Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ is designed to be a good option when you only have space for your air handler near to the ground. Effectively, this air handler is basically an inversed wall-mounted air handler, with a top output instead of bottom. For even more installation versatility, the MFZ-KJ can also be installed recessed partially into the wall while still providing easy front-panel access for filter cleaning. Moreover, faster temperature changes, the air handler is designed with multi-flow air vanes, providing enhanced comfort to your space. Available in 9K, 12K, 15K, or 18K BTU Options.

Low Wall Mount with Multi-Flow Vanes. This installation kit is a perfect choice when purchasing a new air conditioner.

This kit contains the items below which should cover most standard installs that require 30ft line sets. Please consult your installer if you are needing additional items; we'd be happy to quote out other accessories we carry!

Outdoor Unit Kit - Includes One of Each Item. Non-Fused / Rated up to 60 amps. 1/2 x 6' 10 Gauge.

Protects System from Surges of up to 100,000 Amps. 5/16" (1/2"-20) UNF Female x 1/4 SAE Male with Core and Depressor. Provides a seal when penetrating walls for running a line set. Indoor Unit Kits - Includes One of Each for Every Indoor Unit. 30 Feet Insulated Copper Line Set for each Indoor Unit 6K-12K Units: LL 1/4" x SL 3/8" 15-18K Units: LL 1/4" x SL 1/2". 30 Feet 14/4 Heavy Duty Communication Wire. We are a top rated HVAC online wholesaler, mainly dealing in Goodman and ACiQ by Carrier for central air. We also carry many brands of mini splits, mobile home units, fireplaces, stoves, fans, accessories, parts, and more! We have a team including several full-time technicians to help you when you need it. Most homeowners don't know they can do this and instead they call a local HVAC installer who sells them the service plus the equipment -- at a huge markup. We sell the furnace and AC systems (plus more) at wholesale pricing and deliver right to your doorstep, free lift gate / easy unload service included! We aim to change this by empowering our customers.

We are proud of our industry-best customer service team staffed by HVAC professionals, plus we are open in the evenings and on weekends. We are based out of Ohio, and have warehouses here in Dayton, OH, as well as Calhoun, GA, and Powder Springs, GA.

We frequently keep stock up to date; on the rare occasion we run into a stocking issue we will contact you directly, and can usually substitute out a unit of equal or greater value. Don't see what you're looking for? Send us a message and we'd be happy to help!

We highly recommend not to schedule your installation/replacement with your HVAC Installer until you have received your product; this can avoid any possible additional charges. These items will be on a skid, strapped down, and wrapped with blue shrink wrap. Please remove any cardboard to ensure that there is not any concealed damage. DO NOT just sign for the item without inspecting the product. We cannot be held responsible for damages caused by the trucking company.

Once your order arrives, make sure to inspect each and every item on the pallet. Small items or accessories are commonly tucked into boxes of larger items to protect them during transit. Be sure to check inside all boxes before reporting a missing item! Check all of the equipment to make sure it is not dented or heavily scratched. Note: The consignee (customer) is responsible to check and assure that the products being received are clear of damages and/or shortages. If the shrink wrap is torn or has been replaced during transit; Mark the Receipt Wrap Broken. Here at HVACDirect Online we work hard to deliver high-quality products, in excellent condition, to your residence. The product must be free from damages, scratches and/or defects. All merchandise must not have been installed.

All free or gift items including accessories must be included with your return. Please contact our customer service and advise of the incorrect item received. One-of-a-kind or unique items like our "Open Box" or "Scratch & Dent" inventory may not have a replacement available. It doesn't matter when it happens, whenever your HVAC system fails you need it fixed.

No worries, we have you covered. Your tech can source these parts as well. In most cases a licensed professional must have either fully installed or inspected your equipment before and including turning on the product(s) during initial start-up. After the initial start-up has been completed the professional will provide you with a dated installation invoice detailing the model(s) and applicable serial number(s) of the equipment. It does not cost anything additional to register equipment, and all warranties advertised are at no additional charge.

In most cases, the installing professional may be able to provide additional purchasable labor warranties. Please inquire with them on pricing and availability. 27k BTU 23 SEER ACiQ Extreme Heat 3 Zone Mini Split Heat Pump System, S+D, 9+9+9. 27k BTU 22 SEER ACiQ IntelliHeat 3 Zone Mini Split Heat Pump System, S+D, 9+9+9. Mitsubishi 2-5 Zone 42K BTU 15-19.7 SEER AC Heat Pump Mini Split System Builder. This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Mitsubishi 2-4 Zone 36K BTU 16-19.2 SEER AC Heat Pump Mini Split System Builder

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